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Dodge Charger 2005-2007 Android Head Unit Radio

Dodge Charger 2005-2007 Android Head Unit Radio

PriceFrom $199.99

Modernize your first generation Dodge Charger with an updated head unit. Not only will it elevate your interior, but also expand functionality. With Bluetooth, phone mirroring, backup camera upgrades, Carplay, and more, you can now have all the functionality of a modern Dodge without breaking the bank.



    • 360° Full View IPS Screen
    • 2.5D Curved Screen, Tempered and Scratch Resistant
    • HD FM radio, 30 Available Presets
    • Cortex A7 Quad Core Processor, Available 8 Core
    • Supports DAB+ Function (Available for Purchase)
    • Supports Android Auto/Carplay (Available for Purchase)
    • Includes Offline Maps and Supports Online Maps
    • Bluetooth Support - Phone and Music
    • Supports OBDII Diagnostic Interface
    • Supports Steering Wheel Controls (Not available for all 300 models.)
    • HD Backup Camera with Night Vision with 170° FOV (Available for Purchase)
    • Supports additional Subwoofer/Amp/Audio attachments
    • CANBUS adapter Included
    • 2 USB Adapters Included
    • Additional Wiring to support extra functions included


    What do the numbers mean? Ex. 2G/32G 8-Core 4G-Capable

    • The first number is the amount of Memory on the unit. The higher the RAM, the faster components can transfer information, thus, apps will load faster and provide a smoother experience. We recommend at least a 2G unit for best results.
    • The second number is the amount of storage space. If you plan on downloading lots of apps, movies, etc, a larger amount will be beneficial.
    • Units are quad core by default, with higher end models offering octa cores. This allows your unit to manage multiple applications more efficiently, preventing lagging. Recommended for those who use Carplay often.
    • 4G Mobile Data capable allows you to plug a SIM card into your unit. This way, you do not need to stay within WiFi range or mobile hotspot to utilize internet access for any applications. It will work just like a phone on your plan (which can be data only.)


    • Please note, units are CUSTOM MADE to order. Allow 2-4 Weeks for Delivery.
    • 2008 to 2010 MODELS do NOT have the exact same bezel shape. We have had many clients choose to alter the bezel to fit their unit, which may involve cutting the bezel and modifying the clips at the rear of the bezel. Please note, we cannot accept returns for modified units.
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